My Dear Muslim Women

When you hear the words "Muslim Women"
what comes to mind?
Is it strong, smart and loving
Or rules she can't abide
"Why does she wear these clothes,
She looks hideous!" you think
Yet its the very thing that makes her stonger
And All the while your becoming weak
Now a muslim women don't care what you think cause
Everyday she sits down to pray
And with a loving heart she has the audacity say
"I don't care what you do so go ahead and ditch me
I'm a star shining higher than you can reach me. "
This girl ain't cocky but she knows she's better cause
She has Allah in mind and nobody's ganna tell her that
She can't worship till the day she dies
A real muslimah knows to never lie
My dear muslim women
Mothers of this ummah
Don't stand up in front of Allah and say you wish you Coulda
Worn the hijaab cause society wouldn't let you
Even though in your heart you know you were ment to
Stop selling your souls to the other gender
Because I swear by Allah I know you will remember
Along with all the other deads you have done
On the day of Judgement there will be no where to run
My dear muslim women
Love will come your way
And I know it helps to sit down and pray
My dear muslim women
Stop putting our name to shame
Be the best muslims you can be
Cause in the end you don't want the blame
While Islam is in history
Oh my dear, dear muslim women
when I look around at all of you
I see so many beautiful hearts
And I don't want them to fall apart by
Guys and their lies or by
Time and how many people die or the
Sighs from the crys or
How we're suppose to shy instead you lie
Awake at night talking to some guy
Why do you TRY to do haraam and have the devil by your side?
Time and time again I try
To help those in need
Whether I preach, advise or show
In their hearts still lie lust, anger and greed
I would if I could but I can't so I won't
The fear in my heart continues to grow
The pain in my heart continues to grow
For my muslim sisters and what they continue to show
My dear muslim women
Don't go on Satan's path
Cause he will ...
Catch you, break you, twist you, bribe you
Bend you, hurt you, certainley defy you
Keep you away from heaven up above
Keep you away from what you love
He could offer you boyfriends but you should most definitely decline
When you've associated with Satan you've crossed the line
Even if he's at the end of the path with a plate of cookies
When it comes to Islam, my dear sisters, you shouldn't be rookies
So love the deen and obey Allah
Be a muslimah always and forever
So I hope I've put a smile on your faces and a mark in hearts
When it comes to other muslim, do not fall apart
So take my advice into mind
And all I have left to say is GOODBYE ! :-)

Hahaa' !

^^ Hahaa' Thanks Wallahi ! Ur TOO Kind !

mashallah sister

Dammmmmmmm . That poem goes HARD . I loved it, it's so real, & non-sugar-coating. Mashallah , i'd love to hear more. Stay strong sista, & keep tha islamic faith alive!
Salams !
Yanna Jenkins