My Hijab

Bismillah. For the girls who have yet to discover the beauty of the veil.
My hijab not only covers me, but can also protect,
It makes men view me as a decent person, not an object.
And when the Quran orders:
"tell the believing women to lower their gaze,"
I ought to do so,
and must not have evil faze.
My hijab veils my shame,
it can pull me away from several evil deeds,
It makes others recognize me as a faithful, true Muslim,
Who listens to Allah SWT and heeds.
My hijab, like I stated before, reveals me as a truly trying beiever,
A follower of the Prophet s.a.w. peace be upon him and his lovely family,
and avoider of a deceiver,
My hijab expresses who I am,
and it earns me respect of greatness,
Not one man of the Non-Mahram category
dare ever eye me to witness!
My hijab tells others: Better treat me seriously,
If they mess around and ignore
the warning signs,
They'll have to pay greatly.
My hijab is never ugly!
No, no, it makes me feel prettier than ever.
It's just that my Lord wants me to hide my gifted beauty,
I'll enjoy it in Paradise, in which I will, Insha Allah, abide in forever.

If only...many other women

If only...many other women and young girls could see this. This is very encouraging, especially those, among us, who fear following such a simple and beautiful practice.

May your poem speak out to them and motivate them to outwardly show their strong beliefs. Ameen.