my hijab is my identity

I wondered the early muslims ability,
The command came from the incomparable majesty,
Despite series of persecution and hostility.
O hijab, the garmet of beauty,
The enhancer of the quality of my personality
The essence of my reality,
The preserver of my dignity and integrity.
O hijab, the harbinger of morality,
The redefiner of my nobility,
The assurance of my tranquility,humility and security
We’re discussing the hijab of piety,
Lets display a sense of responsibility.
O hijab the protector of my chastity,
The nourisher of my purity,
With out hijab no woman would have been a liability.
Alhamdulliah, it gives liberty,
Hijab makes you feel like a celebrity,
All admirers says your majesty
Alhaja haja the queen of sanity.
O hijab for entire humanity,
Am enjoying lots of immunity,
Knowledge of it is my lost property.
All plans against it just in vanity,
Unto islam I pledge my loyalty,
I and my hijab like blood in the body till infinity,
No hijab no eternity,
Know hijab know entirety.

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