Standing in rows and your name is called,
To proceed to the front and face your Lord,
Your book's been handed to you by left,
Hell is waiting with its great depth,

Before you're sent, you make your claim,
About all the things that lead you astray,
Your Lord will speak and brings to him,
All the people that seen you sin,

For he is fair, but those you know,
Will fear for their own selves and do you wrong,
So then bring forth the accursed Shaytan,
Who was destined for hell since day one,

To clear your record and take the blame,
For all evil is his to claim,
Don't be fooled for that thought is wrong,
Cause he will speak to The Mighty One,

And we have been warned on what he will say,
To clear himself on Judgement Day,

So now you stuck and without a voice,
only left with a simple choice,
you will speak in resentment and full of anger,
about this well known enemy of a stranger,

don't get mad for things you did,
everyone's accountable for the life they lived,

Your still alive to make that change,
Favour the right and strive to pray,
Leave no room for thoughts and hopes,
Read the Quran and bury it all,

For remember the day the Shaytan will say,
My Lord, I never lead this person astray.