My only way to Jannah!

I'm in love with My Hijab
Which will give me a great sawaab

I think girls look beautiful this way
More than body we put our Faith on display

My Lord loves me for who I am
He loves me more than anyone else can

And when I'm lyin on my bed
I think until my eyes are red

How can anyone be so great?
Whenever I knock,He opens up the gate

With so many of my bad deeds I walk in
And no doubt he forgives all our sin

Many at times I get worldly distractions
But I need to hold on to righteous actions

And now I'm scared ov going astray
So I beg Him to show me the right way

I beg Him to guide me all the way
To guide me through night & day

And to make me stronger in Emaan
As He is Ar-Rahman

Who has given us the Furqaan
The miraculous Qur'an

After having the Quran recited
This is what I've decided

The Qur'an & the Sunnah
Is the only way to enter Jannah!

When you can't have what you
want, ask Allaah for Paradise,
for it is there you will
be able to have
whatever you want :) ?
In sha Allah! :'D