My rights

Everyone has rights,
But not I right?

Because I am secure with my identity;
Ready to flaunt it everywhere, proudly,
But you, you just prevent me,
Claiming it’s for the best, that’s your philosophy,
And you make some laws to control me!

But see I don’t need your permission.
Calling my identity oppression?
I think it’s just a hint of submission,
To my beloved religion,
And I made this decision.

Yet you took my rights to follow my soul.
That is not freedom as I recall.
Back home they respect my call,
Adore it, praise it and all,
Is that why you want my country to fall?

Just let me be who I am.
Freely, passing out my salam,
Preparing for the final exam,
A good Muslim femme,
In MY hijab... Showing off MY Islam.

Confusing poem

We read this poem out loud in our English class today.

When you said "But not I right" what did you mean?

"Everyone has rights,
But not I right?"

That makes no sense. Did you mean to say "Everyone has rights, but I don't?"

Well anyways if English isn't your primary language, cheers, if it is..... Damn....