The Niqab

The Niqab

She walks down the street
Fully covered
From head to toe
In the sun and the sleet
Not bothered by rude comments
From all and sundry

Her face is covered from view
And only revealed for the few
Her husband and other mehram
And not the rest of male society

She is blessed by her lord
With good looks and health
She praises him
And obeys his every command
Including the one to cover

She is neither western nor eastern
Rebellious or trying to fit in
She refuses to go with the flow
And treads a path that many choose not to follow

Some are completely westernised
Discarded their identity a long time ago
And now in sin they wallow
With the rest of society
Others go half way
Hijab with tight clothing
A bit of Islam and some of Kufr
They look silly
But they think they are trendy
And attractive

Others wear the proper jilbab
And refuse to compromise their identity
Neither following fashion nor the norms of society
But they still get attention that’s unwarranted

But some sisters prefer to wear the niqab
And hide completely
Into anonymity
Whilst interacting in society
See it as a guard against evil
And unwanted attention
From those who don’t lower their gaze
And eye up every woman regardless

Author: Showkat Ali


JazakAllah khair for your kind words, inshAllah the poem will motivate the sisters inshAllah.

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JazakAllah khair for your

JazakAllah khair for your kind words. Please forward so others can benefit as well inshAllah.

Beautiful !

This is really inspiring, the words are truly BEAUTIFUL keep it up:)

Strong words that are truly

Strong words that are truly inspirational! MASHA-ALLAH

Amna :)


JazakAllah khair for the kind words, please forward so others can benefit inshAllah.