I saw the light, in all my might i didn't feel delight.
Alone, lost and noone to hold, my mind wanted to return back home.
I saw the truth for the first time, that my mothers prayers were all cries.
I remembered when I learnt to pray, the 5 pilgimages I try to complete, a life purpose in great harmony.
It made me kneel, Allah is a my friend, that I feel.
Patient, patient but time is impatient so I need to give him my wishes.
Enlightning my soul, I run to him when I'm alone.
I live upon bestowment of sawaab, my next step I see with his wisdom.

Surrender, committment and dedication, I trust and believe in hardwork sharing.
Allah is my guide to equality.

I met her on the street, under Allah's love she was in the mosque most happy.
The worldwide mosques, a community for you and me to meet.
I await the blessed day of Mussallah when yet again I am close to Allah subhanna wa ta'ala.
I live a life towards deen, fighting depression so I can be free.