No One's Here -reply from SparkaPoet

A reply to a poet (MuslimHero) who lost his mother

Dear Brother,

Do not be sad for what you once had,
I too lost a parent- my caring, loving dad...
He past away 7th Friday December though
They say its a good day to go
The day the earth was created and will end
As all things one day will come to an end
But the life after this is eternity to spend
And reunite with our family and friends
InshaaAllah we'll see them again
But for now ask Allah to take away your pain
And remove the tears like the sky cries when it rains
Allah will bring out the sunshine again
Everyday is a new day, but in time you will be okay
Remember Allah tests who is best
May our deceased parents be blessed, ameen
So be strong, this life is not for long...
If we forget our purpose then our selves we wrong
Maybe you feel no one is here
But Allah is near
He sees and hears
He counts your every drop of tears
Jus call unto Allah
And things will be easier (InshaaAllah)

-SparkaPoet 14/12/12

The advice to myself first.
My dad passed away on 07/12/12.
Please make duaa.

Inna lillahi wa inna illaihi raji'oon

My condolences to u dear writer.
May Allah give u sabr and leasen ur pain, it's a path we all gonna tk sooner or later, jus a matter of tym...
May Ar-Ra'hman shower His mercy upon him an grant him al-Firdaus a'ala plus our bluvd ones an all Muslims who left, Ameen Ya Rabbal 'Alameen....
Wa Salaamu alaykum!