No time to Beg

No time to Beg

I thank you for making me
So that I can be
I thank you for my eyes
So that I can see
I thank you for your breath in me
So that I can breathe
I even thank you for my tongue
So that I can speak

I thank you for my mind
So that I can read
Thanks for making me your servant
My gracious and merciful King
I also thank you
For the beautiful birds that sing

Every breath that I take
Every time my heart beats
I thank you in my prayers
Whenever I bend down my knees

I thank you for the sweet honey
And nectar for bees
For the buds and the flowers
For the fruits from the trees
For the sleep for the dreams
For the ocean and the sea’s

Every single heartbeat of mine
Is your generosity and blessings
I even thank you for your messengers
And their insightful teachings

Now if I thank you always
Then when is the time for me to beg
I also thank you for my hands and my legs

Now again I kneel to make you feel
That I need something now
But when I bow
I ask myself how

How am I suppose to ask for something
When I haven’t completely finished thanking

When will I actually finish thanking you
Coz your mercy and blessings on me
Are not at all few
I even thank you for the green grass
With the morning dew

You gave a life for me to live
Became my provider to give
You made me a man
And asked me to ask
As you are my creator
You promised to complete all my tasks

But I still cannot ask,
Coz I’m busy thanking you
I thank you for the lovely sight
Of nature to be viewed

I thank thank thank
Always keep thanking you
Coz your mercy and blessings on me
Are not at all few

Written by: Sohail Syed
Poem Category: Philosophy
(Drunk with Wisdom Wine)

Author’s Comments

- I believe that if we start thanking GOD for every single thing that He has given us, we will never get the time to ask or to beg for anything else, coz his mercy, grace & blessings are not at all few.

- But still it’s the Mercy and Grace of our Lord that He says: Ask from me anything that you want, and when I give it to you, don’t forget to thank me, but most of you forget to thank me and turn ungrateful, but they will still find me often forgiving and merciful.

- I love ALLAH above anything else in the World and May ALLAH strengthen my mind body heart & soul to love him even more….. forever and ever