Noble words

Bismillah. (Glory be to Allah, and (i begin) with praise of him.)

Noble words

Power of the tongue can often be under-estimated, often things fly out which were not anticipated...SOMETIMES...we let our mind’s slip and get manipulated, so easily persuaded!!
Our minds are serenaded... our hearts not appreciated, these sinners so over-rated! Subhannallah is what I say, Let’s make this a new day, lets follow the Sunnah way. Only FIVE times a day, come on let’s go and pray ... ... ALLAHU AKBAR!!
Allah’s law balances the two, that content feeling you get is true. The Quran only speaks the truth, why ignore words Oso divine, brought down from above the sky, forget the madness and all that hype, stop and think, how can you deny, noble words so plain and simple. Yet Allah is still merciful.
I testify that there is no god but Allah, he alone, without any partners. Let’s please him, instead of the Shaytan, forget those night outs doing all that Haraam, do Tawbah for your-self and duas for the Muslim Ummah, say ‘Yaa Allah may you guide us through this Dunya! Then say Ameen! ......
‘Which of the favours of your lord will you deny?’
Think about it, doesn’t it make you want to cry, like that time your mum was ill, now imagine she didn’t survive.
‘Then which of the favours of your lord will you deny?’ sometimes we just don’t realise, how lucky we actually are, living a life of luxury compared to some, we were given good health, wealth and good chums, some people weren’t even blessed with a dad or mum!! Subhannallah, time for another dua, May Allah provide for our children... Yaa Allah may you protect them from misfortunes..... Ameen!.
‘Verily your lord is full of grace for mankind, yet most of them do not give thanks,’ (An- Naml 27:73)
I guess we would rather take that chance... Allah the supreme knower of all good and bad deeds, knower of the seen and the unseen, take that chance and it could be your last. PLEASE!! Let’s move on and forget the past; life is full of short comings; let’s forget all that and recognise our amazing blessings, let’s be self-effacing.
We should not forget that the life of this world; is only enjoyment of deception, let’s not make all these misapprehensions. Read the noble words yourself. Blow off the dust and bring it down from that shelf, study it, and put into practise.
Let Allah’s words put our hearts at ease, let’s surrender and summit to Allah on our knees!
Yaa Allah, please don’t curse us with oppression and illnesses such as depression. Those of you, who do not believe, think deep, before sleep. Heaven is not certified thing.
Allah will only choose the best; Life is just one big test. YES you’ve got some stiff competition, so wake up and join this unofficial petition, Lets race to get to the top, Shaytan is our biggest opponent and Allah is our adjudicator, Jannah is our reward. Noble Words.

Probably the most

Probably the most influential poem ive read in my life. Makes people stop and actual understand our purpose and our only goal.

MashaaAllaah WOW

SubhanaAllaah sis, I love this message, very noble words indeed, love how you wrote it too, MashaaAllaah I look forward to more of your work