paradise aint that far...

millions of eyes fall asleep peacefully
while im locked in chains an my tears drowning me

my crime is my assurance in my religions victory
an hoar al3ayn from paradise calling me

have the worled gone so blind that they cant see
even the muslim nation ...this cant be

were are my brothers in islam to set me free
have you truely become like the foam on the sea

why cant you hear are crys
or have you closed your ears and your eyes
is paradise not wourth the struggle?
please...dont listen to the wispers of the devil

over and over allah has said
that every liveing thing will meet its end

so why do you sit an watch us on tv
going threw pain,tourture an humility

or do you belive that were guilty

whut happend to your dignity an honer
am i not your brother raising islams banner

maybe you say if i stayed i wouldent be imprisond or killed

thanks to allah for us this is whut he willed
this life is a test
and we wanted to be the best

we will not stand by while are brothers an sisters opressed
we will not rest untill there free

so they can do whut they want with me
this worled is are prison but they cant see
killing us will only set us free

strangers we are
in times of dangers
soilders we are
paradise ain't that far