A poem called Khadija! :))

Khadija, the name of virtue
A name of peace,

Giving strength to those in seek

Of wisdom and deep understanding

Just to the Truthful

Little ground has she covered on her own two feet, but her name has preceded her, in this world and the hereafter

Her heart is in seek of tranquility and she wears her armor against every
envying eye, she carries the flag of the ummah

her portrait of islam is much more important, she sees the future at hand, so she gives bishara,

to every attentive ear, she tells them be modest as the prophet said modesty is the character of this faith,

She cries at night, because she yearns for the hereafter,

for she knows no deed enters one into paradise but Allah's mercy,

she cries in her sleep, because she is concerned for the place of her children, in this Ummah.

I love this - MashAllah :D

I love this - MashAllah :D