I am a prisoner my brother
while you're locked up, I am free.
I am a prisoner to my 'freedom'
I laugh and joke while you weep.

I am a prisoner my brother
I hug my daughter and kiss her good night
I'm surrounded with family and friends
while you ache with loneliness and hope seems out of sight.

I am a prisoner my brother
a prisoner to my desires and whims
while The Lord cocoons you from filth
while through your patience, you're rid of your sins.

I am a prisoner my brother
in this materialistic place.
While you're cut off from the world
grateful and content you accumulate good deeds.

I am a prisoner my brother
you're in detention but I come and go as I please
I take for granted what I have
yet your face shines happier than wealthy kings.

I am a prisoner my brother
I have all I want while your needs are taken away
I sleep through nights oblivious
while you spend it standing to pray.

I am a prisoner my brother
a prisoner to much guilt and shame
I let you down, this ummah's let you down
yet you stand tall, patient and calm.

In theory we're both Muslims, you and I
in reality, I'm the weak link, you're the back bone.
you are the few of a few you are the diamond in the ruff.
you are the price for my freedom, you are the pride of this nation.

You are the freedom for this ummah
we are the prisoners my brother
don't give up hope, pray for us
till we break our chains and stand together.

until then, we are prisoners,
brother you are free..
inna ma'al usri yusra
soon will come sweet victory!

Written by Ummu Muhammad