Prophet Hud (And The Fallen Civilization)

Hud (Pbuh) another chosen prophet, was sent to the people of A’ad
They were rich and lived in lofty towers…
All this they comfortably had

Their work of art was quite the prominent
They built high grounds of monument

Highly excellent in architectural skills
Truly gifted, giant men they were…
But haughtiness overtook them
Power is really what they’d prefer

Hud preached that they worship the one true Lord
But they were heedless… and their ignorance only soared…

As long as they worshipped Allaah and to Him implore…
Allaah promised them much galore

But for them worshipping Allaah proved difficult
Called Hud a ‘liar,’ a ‘stupid’, to Hud they insult

Hud asked them to abandon their idols
But they wished to continue this cycle

And they walked about boasting, “Who is Mightier in Power?!”
Without right, did they not realise with Allaah subsist all honour?!

So Hud had conveyed Allaah’s message
But their tyranny only mocked at their presage

They challenged Hud to bring on the punishment!
They were foolish so Allaah knew their true intent…

Soon the dark, dense clouds had gathered
All because they denied Allaah, whom they have now angered

Behold! A mighty wind drew near
Hud’s warning’s were already made very clear

They believed the clouds would bring them rain
Nay! The clouds brought a raging wind.…this was Allaah’s ordain

The people of A’ad were destroyed by the violent wind
They did not listen to Hud, they only sinned

Only a few took heed and followed prophet Hud
But most were arrogant and no longer stood

To this day, signs of this great civilisation still exist
See for yourself…..truly Allaah sign’s cannot be missed

NB; Never forget who created you…
Allah is the all-Powerful, Almighty
Don’t fall to the same level as the people of A’ad,
Allaah does not like the Tyranny

By SparkaPoet (Shohima Abdul Rahman)

Pbuh = Peace be upon him