Prophet Ibrahim (The Friend of Allaah) – Part 3 – The Ka’ba


So after the greatest test
Ibrahim (Pbuh) left once again for the Holy land
But later returned to Makkah
To build the Ka’ba with Ishmail’s (Pbuh) helping hand

Ibrahim made a prayer to Allaah (Ta'ala)
To make the region a place for security
Since then Allaah kept the promise
Even when safety was compromised by the enemy
(During the year of the Elephant)

To fit a corner piece of the Ka’ba
Ishmael was told to go & find a suitable stone on his own
But Angel Gibreel brought one (from the heavens)
And placed it at the corner, known as the Black Stone

Thus Allaah made the Ka’ba
A place for resort, sanctuary & for us a unity
Around the globe the Muslims face it
When bowing in prostration to Al-Mighty!

Another request Ibrahim prayed for
Whilst building the foundations of Ka’ba,
Is that Allaah raises a Messenger (Pbuh) amongst them
With the knowledge and the Book (Qur’an) of Wisdom!

To be continued… (Inshaa-Allaah)

~~SparkaPoet (Shohima Abdul Rahman) 16/01/2011~~

Pbuh = Peace be upon him
Ta'ala = Most High