Prophet Saleh (And The She-Camel)

Like the people A’ad
The people of Thamud were no better,
Both tribes are mentioned in Al-Quran
One after the other

The people of Thamud loved pride,
They too were skilled in craftsmanship
Carving beautiful homes from mountains
However, their arrogance indeed outstrip…

Prophet Saleh (Pbuh) lived amongst them
But did not like the Thamud tribe,
For they spread oppression
In Quran, this Allaah does describe

The Thamud tribe relied on Saleh’s wisdom
& wished to make him their chief leader,
But they lost hope in him
When Saleh started to preach about the One Creater

They scorned Saleh, said he was ‘bewitched’
And their hearts only grew hard,
Now hating Saleh, & dividing into two groups,
The truth they disregard

So the Thamud tribe requested Saleh
To prove he was really truthful,
They pointed to a rock and demanded,
“Bring forth a tall, attractive, pregnant She-Camel!”

Saleh responded, “If Allaah sends you this request,
Will you then believe in the message I bring?”
They simply answered “Yes.”

So Allaah granted Saleh’s wish
And they gathered to witness this miracle,
To their amazement, the rock split asunder…
And walked forth a 10 month, pregnant she-camel!

It is narrated that the blessed she-camel
Provided sufficient milk for thousands of men, women and children
However, the evil chiefs hatred now turned towards the she-camel,
From Allah this they cannot keep hidden

Though many became Muslims, others still doubted
And continued with their stubbornness,
The chiefs decided to get together
And soon they were to transgress

Fearing the chiefs would harm her
Saleh warned them to leave the she-camel alone
That she was allowed to live with them
Share their water and graze the grass on her own

However, the disbeliever’s started to complain
That the she-camel drank all their water,
And frightened away their cattles
So they ignored Saleh’s warning to leave her

The disbelieving women were just as bad
They tempted the men to carry out the orders
One woman offered herself to a man
Whilst another old lady, offered one of her daughters

Together with eight other men chief Qidar had set out
Armed with swords and arrow
They ambushed the she-camel
The men did not hesitate nor display any sorrow

One man shot an arrow on the she-camel's leg
And chief Qidar withdrew his sword to slay her
The she-camel’s calf ran into the mountains
& watched as the evil men harm his mother

After they slaughtered the she-camel
They challenged Saleh to bring on the punishment
As if the signs were not clear enough
Defying Allah’s command…they were truly insolent

On hearing this Saleh warned the disbelivers,
“Enjoy life in your houses for three days…”
As they defied Allah’s commandments
Soon a terrible end will come to their evil ways

The evil Thamud chiefs didn’t stop there
They even conspired to kill Saleh and his family
Later they would testify to the people
That they had no idea about the tragedy

But in Al-Quran Allah narrates,
“They plotted a plot
And We planned a plan
While they perceived not”

So they hastened for the punishment
They had no idea what it would be
Each day their faces turned from pale, red to black
Soon the punishment they will see

The sun rose above the horizon
On the morning of the fourth day,
A thunderbolt followed by an earthquake
Seized them because of their disobey

They lay prostrate in their homes
The place now left barren
As if no one ever lived there,
A punishment to teach future nations a lesson

Saleh and his followers already left the area
As Allaah wiped out the disbelievers with His punishment
Hence, the chiefs could not carry their attack on Saleh
Forever they will be in torment

Narrated in hadiths that prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)
Later in the future he & others walked by the Thamud houses
And warned his people that no one should enter upon them
As the place is afflicted with curses

Allaah’s signs are all around
He does not need to show us a miracle
These Thamud people walked away arrogant
Even when clear signs were evident

By SparkaPoet (Shohima Abdul Rahman)

Pbuh = Peace be upon him