Oh Allah
Why do I feel this way
When it seems to come
Its the time when I cant even seek your help
Some say at this point that I cant touch you book
Why you say
Because of najs
What is wrong
Nothing is
Its uncertain What is wrong
I feel it inside
Crawling and scratching at my soul
Wanting to dig its self out
Revert back to the old ways
One two three four...
They start off small only to be produced to something larger
Its wrong, its bad
Its haram
But yet I want to go back to it
I miss it
I yearn for it
But Allah you are with me
Even at this time of horror your here
I feel I'm losing to it
Wanting to get up and take it in my hand
Pull it down the river
Watch the water swell and flow
But I cant
Because I love you
You are my lord
Your words bring me close and without you
I would be lost
So please
Don't leave me Allah
Stay within my heart
Protecting me
aauoothu bilahee meana shshaytonee rajeem
Protect me from him Always