I wear a hijab and I’m proud with it too.
Following the deen; my lord told me to.
I hold my head high; who cares what you think.
Just like me you were created from a mould of clay.
Just like me, you will return to your lord on the judgment day.
What made you special; your money, your fame?
Or it because you just don’t understand the concept of my aim.

You want me drop the hijab and wear khakis instead.
Dude you better think twice!
It’s my inheritance? So what if I’m black?
We’re both from Adam and Eve, fool!

May you be any colour, Allah doesn’t discriminate.
What matters is on how you participate.

Forgot earthly matters; think about what’s ahead.
Do you want to be the loser or the one who celebrates.
I’ll wear it tomorrow you’ll say, but my dear sister, who guaranteed you you’d live?
You’ll look ugly? Who told you so?
Even so shouldn’t you be concentrating on beautifying your grave, rather than your face?

My Hijabie friends; may Allah put us into his shade, and bless us upon seeing his face.
Oh Allah, shower your blessing upon us, for we do need.
May we be one of the righteous in deen.