A proud me.

I'm lost with the deadly blowing wind,
i feel as light as a feather,
i know i am not that keen,
but nowadays it is a common weather.

Not a climatic weather,
a weather in my own self,
now and never, i wont surrender,
only my undying heart that i have left.

my soul is roaring high and low,
just wanting to show i wont go,
to the place where sins are more,
but for sure, humiliation wont make me sore.

here i stand , my chin is up,
i'm not embarassed let alone ashamed,
i put my hands uphigh,
i'm ready to play this game.

every moment i gain fame,
by the wrong reasons , i am to blame,
sure i wont be the same,
as people give me a lot of name.

I am a woman,
a proud muslimah,
i am to be the same every moment,
my God is Allah, His prophet is Muhammad rasulullah.