I like the way the leaves encouragingly nod to each other
In the midst of a heavy storm
As if to say “It will be over soon”
And in the midst of a light breeze
My eyes half close in a dreamy bliss
A half mist, a welcome swoon

As each blessed raindrop falls
It makes a small ripple, like a river
As if marking for its successors which way to go
And in each ripple made
I find a little joy, a little peace
And a brief inner glow

The sun carries with it an infectious smile
And heat, and light, but in its modesty bids you not to look
It doesn’t want to hurt your windows to the world
And not be able to behold the beauty in front of you
The path waiting to be trod, the open book

When lightning strikes and its’ brother claps
My heart jumps a little as it fills with fear and awe
And in the midst of the following storm
I can’t help but notice how these elements are, so, pure

Maybe because they are so pure
Is why they have such a powerful allure

Sometimes I am amazed at the abundance of air
How we constantly breathe in and how it is endlessly renewed
And how, even though a part of so much air, countless other breaths
Each breath comes to us lovingly, in solitude

He breathed one breath, the spirit, into the first man
And man can’t help but take in air into himself ever since
Breathing constantly day and night
As if trying to get closer, and closer
To the origin
Of that first breath.

Saqib Hussain, taken from my book "Contemplate" available for free download from https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/571344