Black,White theres not much to say
From Mohammad Alis time and even till today
Racist incidents spreading all over the news
Just cuz of our looks we are getting abused

We believe in our faiths were suddenly bad
Just cuz of our dress sense they think were mad
Personally, I see no change
The same stares looking at me as if I'm strange

As if I dont belong here
Why do I sense that they fear
We're still the same, same feelings, same heart
Its just our beliefs thats driving us apart

Don't judge a book by its cover
They may seem they dont care, but inside they suffer
Help one another
Listen to your mother and your father

Fight for your rights
Pray with all might
To Allah (swt) our lord
Learn to love is something you cant afford

soo mch tru...

they call it here 'da land of free' bt lol still da land of racist. tired of it


There is nothing worthy of worship in truth but Allah.