The Real Ahki

You make me listen to you yet i feel as if i have traveled around the world.You speak so calm that i hear the ocean move..
so gentle that i hear the breezy wind blow against my window...
speak with such a tone that i remain silent and continue listening.

I don't want to hear nothing else. Your voice takes me to political debates, protesting in front of the white house all the way to the north pool .. discuss matters of climate change all this is all happening whiles we speaking to each other...

then you talk about world peace and i visualize gaza, you make me skip heart beats as we continue talking... You speak so much sense to me that i don't have time for other meaningless conversations

Your tone , is all i could imagine its better then sky news.. you speak with much care and i don't ever hear a glimpse of attitude. How i wish there was more guys who are just like you.

Your eyes are the image the world is lacking in, Purity, Loyalty, Piously you repent to the... Beautifully you stare at the world with a thinking mind stare so calmly that even the blind can see right through your eyes.. we should have more of your kind...

Then your gentle hands seems like you can control all of my pain..You hardly open up but still when you do its like our emotions are chained together .. You hold my hand and i feel completely at eaze, safe under your wing.. I slowly sing folk songs as you stroke my head but not for long ... then touch my cheek as your about to go.. You fear Allah I know you do so we say our salaams... & your last words to me was, can you be patient..Then he smiled..As the rain dropped from the sky..& from both our faces we knew it was time to say goodbye.. As we walked away my heart dropped tears.. Because she knew everything that was said was not a lie.. now its patiently waiting hoping it will not be the last goodbye.. .The prince slowly walks away in the night...I seen heaven and it left my sight..

I seen half of my deen right in front of me... So beautiful & it can look and talk to me... How beautiful it was to experience A Real Ahki


You are right. It is so beautiful.................
From the beginning of your entry to this site your poems are shining.
Unfortunately i didnt read some of them.I will inshaALLAH.
Hoping to see wonderful creations from you sister.