Remember you're destination daily
Remember where we all inevitably will end up,
It's just a matter of time.

The clock ticks, while we play on,
In this Dunya, living this lie, calling it our own.
Days go on, our thirst increases, we never look back, we're never thankful,

We look at the clock to attend meetings, appointments,
Not realising that time is telling us, we're not telling it.
We want more and more, we get and forget, He gives and Forgives.
We're still not thankful.

We've forgot our purpose, the reason we're here,
The nights to pray, the days to fast,
Obey your Lord, do not trangress.

Until a day arrives, we're struck with sadness, a death!
How could this happen to someone so young we say.
We bury our dead, yet learn no lesson.

Death can come to anyone, at anytime, any age. We know this!!!
Yet we live in ignorance day in day out.
Live like you're going to live forever, prepare like you're going to die tomorrow.
Sadly, We seem to forget the latter.