A Reverted Heart...!

I used to have a wondering heart,
But now my heart is safe,
My eyes and ears would drift and leave my heart in a darkened place,
My mind was too interested in everything other than what life had to offer,
I dont mean the one we live in but most importantly the one that we strive for,
Its safe and sound now when hearing the words of Allah and His Messenger,
After all whats better than loving and listening to your very own creator?
I only ask that you will search deep inside your soul,
And seek the peace that I have found, Not just for now, But for tomorrow,
We never know when we will leave this unexpecting world,
So prepare yourself to meet the One and prepare for what will be heard,
Your whole life will be laid out and your deeds and sins will too,
Dont waiste the short time we have in this world,
But love the one that will come to you...