The Seventh Millenium Kingdom

The seventh Millenium Kingdom
All praise is due to Almighty Allah, Creator and Master of the Worlds, sustainer of all humankind!!
1. Almighty Allah has spoken, the new Millennia, the seventh Eden, Aquarius is about to be ushered in, The Seven vials are to empty, the Seventh trumpet is to be blown, the Tribulations are about to begin.
2. At the turn of the Millennium 2004, seven prosperous and fruitful years were what Allah decreed, the next seven years will be disastrous, crop failures, livestock, food chains, all become diseased.
3. The Nations are becoming restless the worlds financiers have gambled all on the Devil’s wheel, the Papal coffers are overflowing, preparations for the new temple in Jerusalem become starkly real.
4. The beast, the new superpower, empowered by the dragon, the Devil, will finally be unleashed; they will strike like the serpent, deadly, silently, Jerusalem dead, America banished from the East.
5. The Black Pope the false Messiah, in the new Temple in Jerusalem will finally be installed, he will declare himself to be God, and in this his new Kingdom the Devil will have him enthroned.
6. The Jesuit Papal administrators unleash the materialistic beast that controls and devours our nations, And orders the persecution and annihilation of all Monotheistic religions without discrimination.
7. The Devils Illusions always mislead humankind; a large majority, will succumb to his word, they will be the carrion for the birds on the field of Armageddon, killed by the true Messiah’s sword.
8. In this seventh Eden Millennia the Two Witnesses will cry; “Prepare ye the way of your Lord Allah”, Their faces and their fingers pointing to the Dome of the rock, the Masjid Qubbat As-Sakhrah.
9. The second Beast arises, the false Prophet whose miracle workings and speech charms the world, His hypnotic delusions fool the very elect and secretly the integration of idol worship unfolds.

10. The false Prophet will call down fire from the Heavens to destroy all of his critics and his enemies; He will magnify the divinity of the Black Pope and attest to his Godhead, his greatest blasphemy.
11. The first beast is the champion of the Devil, the second is the secretary of external affairs of the State, The second institutionalises the Devil’s evil vision of universal Atheism, Devil worship and racial hate.
12. The die will be cast and the command will be either accept the mark of the beast or embrace the fire, In this time Allah will call forth his Imam Al-Mahdi to defend the believers against the Devils empire.
13. The Mahdi and his army consisting mainly of the original bloodline of Ibrahim (as) the Bani-Israel, march into Israel and defeat an army with red flat faces by saying, “La-illaha-illallah”, with zeal.
14. Yajooj-Wa-Majooj, the Zionist, the Atheist, Devil worshipers will gather for the battle of Armageddon, A total rout by the Mahdi army the Bani-Israel and other believers secures Jerusalem for Allah’s Throne.
15. The seventh Eden is the Kingdom of Allah to be established on earth by Allah’s power and craft alone, In this crystalline dome, 750 miles in diameter, our Liege Lord Isa (as) will finally be enthroned.
16. Bound by the chains of the Mighty Angel Michael the Devil will finally be thrown into the fire, A thousand years of prosperity peace and bliss ensue; thank You O’Lord for Your Grace, to You we humbly aspire.
Hanifan 16th. December 2011