she said

she said she would perfer death than seeing another palestinan child take his last breath,se said this right here was my home right there my sister got killed in that black hole my innocent father is in prison and my beautiful mother was poisioned.

she said i wish i could of stoped that bullet from going into my baby brothers head i listend to her every word as each letter escaped her lips she said why do i have to live life in despair why do they hate me so much i havent done anything wrong i swear,

she said she would perfer death than see another child take his last breath she said she wishes her soul to leave this earth leave all her troubles behind and live a better life as tears rolled down her eyes,just wanting someone to hold her and say everything is going to be alright she was only seven she prayed she could see her family in heaven as thing began to fade away she stood there as the clouds turned grey and she smiled at me and she waved goodbye as bombs started falling from the sky. she was gone its been months now and still i can hear her sweet voice and i share with you this very sad poem

WOW, your talented

WOW your very talented mashallah ... this poem is very touching and I hope evrything that is going on.
I hope it becomes better in life...

jazakallah for the support

jazakallah for the support its the first poem i ever wrote