She's asking for a horse now

She's started already to ask for a horse,
But since she's a girl, that's what she'd ask for of course.
Not even three and it's stuck in her head,
She's a princess cuz that's what I always said.
Now she wants a castle and her very own crown,
She gave me a pen to take it all down.
A prince and blue rabbits and fairy dust too,
A wand to do magic but a fake one won't do.
Oh yes, and there's that detail I almost forgot,
That horse of course with an enchanted trot.
I told her just how much others are needy,
I told her not to be spoiled and not to be greedy.
She looked at me like I had a second head,
And asked if I knew what the princess just said.
She told me I was to do, just as she asked,
To do my best and to do it real fast.
Well I never! My own flesh and blood,
Getting all spoiled and talking no good.
I took her aside, while trying to hide,
My want to give her it all.
And I informed her how spoiled girls,
will never grow tall.
I told her that the horse she wanted waited in a place,
It couldn't be with her until she spoke with grace.
I told her that the castle was my arms and my soul.
My heart was her wand and the prince was a troll.
The air is fairy dust, invisible but it's there.
And I told her how there were a thousand crowns
hidden deep with every curl in her hair.
The look of joy she displayed on her face so small,
When she just realized that in fact, she had it all!