Some body is laughing at you

Some body is laughing at you
i know you will get so much angry
still you ignore it and carry
what you do and continue with hurry

somebody is laughing at you
you cant see him because he did try
now he is so happy he gets success no more weary
he is trying with your friend as well are you angry?

when ever you try your evil deeds
some body is laughing behind your head
i wonder why you give him success although you were already told
that somebody will mislead
It is your enemy iblees indeed.


im impressed with your dua. i am so.... happy that you created something from my poem. Alhamdullillah
We are united with same intentions.
I am soooooooooo happy that i got a lovely sister.

salaam sis i done it .. its

salaam sis i done it .. its in the struggle section its called he who laughs lout becums silent xx
wallaha i thank you with my heart. YOu know when i write i reflect on how to improve my changes and understand things better you poem made me create something else
May ALLAH Grant you janna insha allah sweet sis xx

Jazakallah sister Hoping to

Jazakallah sister
Hoping to see your reply.

Masha allah so true sis,

Masha allah so true sis, gazakalah for ur comment.. i like this poem n i surely will write a reply

Ya salaam for now and keep your pen flowing xx

masalaama x