Spark a poem

Sparks release from the veins and tear,
Poem-uprising in my heart gear,
Blood volcano like vexing bear,
Cuz muslim89 has got my back,
Although my skin color is through out black,
He/she says am the best cuz i say the fact,
No lies after lies that will bring a suprise.
A dedication to spark a poet, whom is a nobel prize.

(Thanks for your replys and for being my num 1 fan. I used to be a fan to you and warfarer before being a user, so your replies serves as a souvenier to me, thank you mashallah)

LoL this made me smie :)

JazakAllah thanks for your poem, its nice to see one being written about me...MashaAllah all your poems so far are just brilliant, praise be to Allah who has blessed us with the ability to write :)