Starving 2 death

It all started one morning I was yawning 
Someone calling in the hall
wakeing me up cuz I gota missed call
5 missed call in all afterall the ringin an buzzin 
Turns out to be my cuzzin 
He said my uncul is sick he's throwing up 
Wake up so we can pick him up 
Take him to a doctor for a checkup 
whuts the hold up  get in the car start backin up   
There we are in the hospital walkin up the stairs
Passin bye people siting on chairs 
No one realy cares cuz you can tell bye there stairs
Mindin there own affairs 
So we putem in the emergency room lay him on the bed 
I turn around see a dark skin brother looking like he's dead
You could see his skull threw his forhead
You could see the hunger in his body on his death bed 
This hunger I never seen only on the tv screen 
If you know whut I mean 
Now this brother was all alone
We knew someone putem here cuz he had no money or home
 Now I'm wondering whuts the out come 
An this pain he's goin threw will he overcome 
The nurse brought an I v I said give him whut he needs  I'll pay the bill 
His eyes Rollin back  I see the pain is starting to kill 
We try to put the needle in his skin 
But his skin is so dry it's like trying to pearce leather with a pin 
Poor brother tryin to hold the tears in
Then The nurse said this is thirst an hunger in dryness from within
This is death 
lord forgive us our sin 
I hold his hand as we try again 
Finaly it went in and the medicen was kickin in
Another dark skin brother started walkin in 
We didint know if he was his brother son or kin
 but he also brought some medicin 
Poor brother probley was so ashamed to ask in the hospital for help or money 
He went and borrowed it from somebody 
There he was by his head siting on a chair 
I gave him somemoney he said jazzak Allah khair 
Now I'm thinking poor brother crossed the seas an desert cuz death was in the air 
Only to die from thirst an hunger over here 
I swear my hart was brakein 2 peices inside my chest
Was this the reason I wolk up is this another test 
These are my poor brothers in my land there a guest 
I'm sitting on a chair by his feet thinking why
With all the money in the world the rich are getting richer an the poor are getting poorer till they die
This world has become sick in my eye
I look at the starving brother an death past by so quick
His kin rubing his chin thinking he's still sick 
He started feeling his chest cuz he felt no breath
This was his finaly rest today we were visted by death
The starving brother soul has left the vessel an returnd to it's creator 
My cuzin called the doctor cuz hes worried about this brother 
Now his kin started to cry 
an in this scean I forgot about my uncul I left the hospital cuz I couldent hold the tears in my eye
The door is crowded by people wanted to know why they heard a loud cry  
just thinking bout it I dare myself not to cry 
But it's to hard to try 
So forgive me Allah my tears fall like rain from the sky           
So here i was outside wondering how my day started
Thanking bout life an it's trials and why this world is so cold harted 
I'm filled with sadness an anger 
Wishing I could of done more for this stranger
Poor brother I wonder if you knew death was across the border 
whould you take the risk?
I think so stupit 
who wouldent if the smell of food was like the smell of misk
You tought me a lesson I'll never lose
A new meaning to if you walked a mile in my shoes 
im not even shure if that's the right word to use
I'm thinking the reason for your hunger is all the muslims fult
We left allahs laws obyed thiefs an tyrents an followed there evil cult
An there like the kuffar they don't give a damm about the poor 
Just puting food in there belly stacking money an gold on the floor
Anybody who stands agenst them is  a terrorist wageing war 
More an more of this brothers kind are washing up dead on the shore
Cuz of hunger the world can't ignore
Whuts more is they are our Muslim brothers an sisters 
In the horn of Africa a place called Somalia just look at there pictures 
Will we watch them die in the deserts an leave them food for vultures
When sickness an hunger tourtures  
So Brothers an sisters in thee end we can't blame are leaders
So to all my readers put your hands in your pockits 
Look inside your pants purse or jackits 
Send the angels flying to haven faster then rockits
Cuz of the little change you put in the chairty baskits 
Cuz chairty is a bussness with the greatest profits
Give even if you have to borrow
Cuz Who knows you might not get to see tommarow 
So follow the road str8 ahead 
I Hope you learend a lesson or 2 from whut I said 
Cuz a funny twist  2 this story all ways replays in my head
The next day I wolk up sick on the same hospital bed
Thinking am I the next one dead
But I guess it's not my time
I have to live to tell this story in a rhyme