On a rare journey long ago
on a path with much struggle and hardships
blossomed a friendship under starry night
and brought with it much blessings.

I found a stranger become so dear
than those that shared my life before
for this was solely for the sake of Allah
sincere sisterhood was all I could ask for.

So much effect this stranger had on me
on a starry night in Kismayo
offering a shoulder and soothing words
through trying times we watched sisterhood grow.

Days got harder nights got colder
wathced our loved ones die in our arms
hope got stronger, faith got firmer
in a barren desert friendship blossoms.

Just when I thought things couldn't be worse
came a night of so much terror
shackled, blind-folded, in the arms of the enemy we fell
never had I been more grateful than then, to have next to me a stranger.

That night we laid on a concrete
guarded with guns under their evil watchful eyes
women, babies, strangers, sisters
wounded brothers, broken helpless

While some slept I laid awake
listening the threat and hatred of the enemies
"look at these savages, how they let the babies suffer
they are innocent beings,we Christians consider them 'sinless'"

"I say we should finish them start with the babies.." one replied
"..I couldn't stand them, they're tomorrow's terrorists"
I shivered in shock I had never felt so much anger
I begged Allah to destroy them even if it meant along with us.

I begged Ar-Rahman to send an earth quake
a violent tornado, painful lightning strikes
I longed n yearned to see the end, felt so angry it physically hurt
my heart broke to pieces, my hatred for them had no limits.

They boasted among themselves how they tortured their captive
How stupid they thought he was uttering the same words
'la ilaha illallah Muhammad ur Rasulallah' was all he would confess
they would take turns beating him only to get some rest..

I pretended to sleep while sleep run away from me
I cried and prayed till my limbs felt numb
I peeked through my veil looking for the stars I saw in Kismayo
but even they seemed so far, so helpless so dim.

Just when I thought I would die of grief
came a hug from a stranger reassuring and warm
Ar-Rahman sent me a blanket of safety
He sent me a stranger to pull me from the storm.

Praise be to Allah forever and ever
I got through it all and here I write my woes
about the stranger I met in Kismayo
for you, my sister in deen, I dedicate this piece.

By Ummu Muhammad