Struggle is needed

Who likes struggle?
Most of us prefer comfort
But, let’s think a minute:

Unless babies struggled and built up strength
They would never learn to walk
Unless a child struggles with words and sounds
They would never learn to talk

If someone doesn’t struggle with concepts and numbers
They can never sharpen their mind
Unless someone struggles to improve their character
They can never become refined

Unless someone pushes their body with exercise
Their body can’t grow stronger
Yes we all have potential but without being stretched
Even elastic can’t grow longer

And without having struggled through difficulty
How can arrogance be broken?
How can the heart be softened?
How can the soul be woken?

Yes. A strong body, a sharp mind, and a soft heart.
None of these can be achieved without struggle.

When faced with difficulty, the smiling soul
Wishes, and struggles, to overcome it.

Taken from "Insights" by Saqib Hussain, available for free download from