A T-shirt on Marzieh's Head

You're going to force me to violate a practice that has been ordained upon me by GOD for specific reasons after locking me up when I've committed no crime.

You're going to bully me and try to intimidate me and the many others who cover our hair and our body parts in order to dress modestly when in public and dignify ourselves.

You're going to forcefully remove my headscarf I've been willingly wearing after my conversion to the most perfected faith tradition, with the last, final, revised God's words' edition.

Well now you've contributed to a response to injustice in me.

Well now you've contributed to a response to violations of civil liberties, human rights, and religious freedom in me.

Well now you've contributed to a response to a crime against me and my blood and religious family in me.

Well now you've agitated a trend of resistance.

Well now you've fueled a trend of by whatever means necessary.

Well now you've instigated a trend of I love my GOD, I love my Prophet, I love my religion and you're not going to stop me.

Well now you've aggrevated a trend of many who are ready to stand up for me, by many who like me, by many who are like and unlike me.

Well now you've wised up a bit and have let me perform one of my religious duties, the wearing of my headscarf again proudly.

By: Najwa Kareem

P.S. No, we are not going to celebrate the fact that the corrupt, crooked system is letting Marzieh Hashemi wear a headscarf again and cover her arms now. No, we're not going to be happy about that to any serious degree, well at least I am not because compared to giving her what she has absolute rights to, her freedom, what they have given her is nothing.

Free Marzieh Hashemi Now!!!