The tale of a stranger

I am a stranger,
the temple in my heart collapses,
it lost the love it once had one after another in lapses,
now my inside is for the corpses,
stark dead but have to build a new world from the pieces,
I crave strength to make for past loses.

I am a stranger,
my blood dripping insane,
my skin and flesh quite often in pain,
they torture and fracture every limb they want me lame,
but I cant stop somewhere half lane,
even I know I cant make hear the dumb for this campaign.

I am a stranger,
unlocked avenger,
I love death and danger,
until I get back what am looking for,
or with a kiss to my armour,
I shall get my lost bounty because I am ignition to the world war.

I am a stranger,
time flies,
but this, is my sad times,
slowly drifting to the end of my cries,
famine appear and disappear like fireflies,
poet's flute sing sad rhymes.


Am severely sorry for the double posting, its my mobile its too small for the job. Hope i am pardoned, cuz i feel really uneasy doing as such to poets.