Tales of Palestine or Filastinn.

Tales of Palestine or Filastin.

In this land where Pain and suffering seems inevitable
Needless to say Illegal occupation is never forgettable
Never less the truth always seem to prevail
So take your time and listen to this tale
A land once by the name of Palestine
Got renamed to Israel in the shortest of time
Daily atrocities of a serious crime
To exterminate a country, of one of a kind
You see Palestian existed long before
1948 when Jewish settler washed upon the shore
From Europe they came and fled by the millions
Nowhere to live so they killed innocent civilians
Murdered and massacred men women and children.

After they killed they demolished land and homes
Rebuilt upon a land that was covered with bones
If history is known than the truth will prevail
The mystery of this occupation is the foundation of this tale.

Israel was founded in 1948,
Palestine was home to prophets and many civilizations of the great.
Palestine’s history traces back to about 10th century B.C
Home of the Prophet Solomon and David dont you see
The term Peleset comes from old Egyptian documents
So Take the time to understand what it represents
It speaks of a people or land starting from 1150 years before Christ
So if ancient Egyptians had this, in their sight
And Saladin was also engaged in Palestine’s fight
To Liberate Palestine, from crusaders right?
History repeats itself that’s a lesson to be told
Liberation of Palestine is history that is old
Freedom of occupation in the land that was sold
To the Zionist regime that raped Palestine of its soul
The truth will prevail
In this story of Filastin
Herodotus of Greece wrote of a 'district of Syria, called Palaistinêe
Than this land long existed as it seems
Than why does Israel object this by every means?
Freedom to Palastine
Long Live Filas??n.

Samir Saab.