Read Tawheed.
Feed Tawheed.
Understand its creed.
Plant firmly its seed.
It’s nothing new, we implead.
The call of every Prophet rallied.
So simple indeed.
To grasp its creed.

It’s emphatically decreed.
You heed to Tawheed
Best of all deeds.
Surely none can mislead.
Mankind should accede.
None but Him you cede.
If you want to succeed.
Establish Absolute Tawheed.

Energetically proceed.
Fulfill with speed.
This great Tawheed
Before you’re wearied.
To those who exceed.
You’ve unashamedly dirtied.
This religion pure and freed.
Trying to cause a stinkweed.

I am worried.
Most misread.
This Tawheed.
Our salvation indeed.
Constantly queried.
As other books are buried.
There is frenzy.
To know this Tawheed.
If you want deeds.
That Allah is pleased.
I sincerely plead.
To stick to Tawheed.