I wish I knew what I was worth to you
here's some thoughts not a few
why do you seem to entrap all?
in the pits of your darkness where many fall!
I do see as I am not blind
Guidance from Allah I can't leave behind!

I keep thinking and wondering upon it so restlessly
when preoccupied intermingling suggestions make me
deluded in a deep slumber yet I'm still wide awake
realising the life of this world just seems so fake!

my heart begins to swell at the thought
its confusing me, as I'm unable to sort
why is it your constantly on my mind
I look deeply hoping for something to find
its overwhelming when choosing the wrong from right
I know your no good so I must fight
from you I must stay away
prostrating in Sujood to Allah I must pray!

The stronger you become the weaker I get
its about time I get my goals set
Your nothing but a waste of time!
All you do is cause me to whine!
I can't be a prisoner in the fire
as I must aim higher
Nearer and closer to eternal bliss
the target which I cannot miss

Its Shaytaan's tool for causing self deception
in trying to make us forget everything is but worldly temptation
the life of this world is indeed all but amusement and play
May Allah Guide us All, on the straight way!

Aameen !

"The life of this world is nothing except play and amusement. But truly the home of the hereafter - that is the life indeed - if they only knew."- {6:32}

The poem

Yes, indeed we fal in Shaytan's trap but at the end we must defeat him and not accept his invitation. May Allah guide us and show us the straightpath. Let us die as muslim.