Tere Khat (Your letters)

Tere haath se likhay khat teri tasveer hon jaise
Lufzon mein peroi hoi koi taqdeer hon jaise

Anchal ko tere chhoo kar hain simtay dua bun kar
Daman se mere liptay hain koi sada bun kar

Ansoo-on mein dhul kur jo hain ujlay hoay
Jagmagaate sitaray , teri yaad mein julay

Teray haathon ki mushaqqat ki kahaani bunkar
Meray dil mein bussay shafqat ki nishaani bun kar

Dil pe khaay zukhmon ki daastaan ki tarah
Teri turbat ke khoay hoay nishaan ki tarah

Teray qadmon tulay jannat ka nishaan jaisay
Hum se bichhray hoay dono jahaan jaisay

Teri baatain k hain tujh se milne ka bahana koi
Tere sung guzra hoa saara zamaana koi

Phoolon ki khushboo jaisi yaad hai meray paas
Tujh se phir milnay ki jaisay aik adhoori si aas


Your Letters

Your hand-written letters are like your pictures for me. They are just like hand-written fate, in other words. These letters have become a prayer to me after touching your scarf and have got wrapped around me like your voice. These words of your letters , soaked in your tears , twinkle like stars of your memories. They remind me of the hard life you lived as a token of your love for us. These scars of your heart are like the lost gravestones of your grave. These letters are like our lost heavens under your feet and it seems we’ve lost both worlds after you. Your words are like a way to meet you and remind all the beautiful moments of life spent with you. It’s like I still have the fragrance of your memories with me and a subtle hope to meet you again, in the here after…!