A terrible situation in Syria

A terrible situation in Syria
Innocents being tortured and killed
No-one can call themselves human
And do these acts

As I sit here I wonder what I can do to help
Prayers of course, sincere prayers
But what other sincere action?

Yes I have donated to a relief effort
And am writing this to encourage
Action in others
But feel I should be doing more

In these situations I realise a few people in power
Exercise such control over so many others
Like the top of a pyramid
Overseeing and controlling the rest

But surely the top is only there
Because of the foundation
If people move their support
The top falls

And this is what has happened
In the Arab Spring
People discontent and rising
With rulers violently trying to stay in power

Let’s pray, donate, do whatever else we can
Taking some time out
To help our fellow human beings

We are all part of one body
When one part is in distress
Surely the whole aches?

So let’s not ignore that which is part of ourselves
Thereby adding injustice to injustice
Show support.