Then tears fall

O mercful one 
You know from were I come
You know whut my hart hides
And out the darkness your the  light that guids

I'm on the roof thinking why life is so bazaar  
Sitting Stairing at the blinking star  
A dieing star waveing bye from a place so far 
Ever wonder how small we are
Inside this bubble Under the dark cover
Makeing trouble till are souls hover
A life lover thought earth is his wife 4ever
Then one glimps of death made his spine shiver 
An his eyes see the light get dimmer
An his eyes cry a sad little river
O creator of death life giver
Your sinfull slave's tears get bigger
I'm trying 2 figure whut to do 
Inside this painfull chaimber I turn 2 you
I'm a prisoner in this world weather it's black or blue
You tested me alot an I failed but my iman grew 
Now I'm scared and don't know whut to do 
The day is short an the night is long
An I'm praying to you in a sad little song
I'm trying 2 be strong trying not 2 cry
But under this gient sky under your watchfull eye
It's stupit to even try 
My hart brakes in half an my eyes can't dry    
Glory be to u when your slaves remember your mercy an cry
As they try to hold there tear
They remember the sins threw the year
Year after year day after day 
Sin after sin in his mind replay
Forgive me is all he can say
His stone hart starts brakeing
His hard body starts shakeing  
The hair  start riseing
An the tears start falling 
Ya Allah your the only one I'm calling
 I'm falling can't stand tall
under your watchfull eye I cry
I remember you then tears fall