Time is running out..

Time is running out…

I stood in a queue
It was not in a supermarket, that much I knew
I was baffled
I couldn’t figure out
Where I was
Nor what it was about
I asked the people all around
There seemed to be nothing but confusion abound
Then there was panic!
Suddenly - without being told - I just knew…
It was so easy to do…
Why did I not make the time to do it?
Now it’s too late…
Too Late!
And Then
I wake up…


This dream has haunted me for many a-year
Not knowing what it meant had me in a cold fear
Then it occurred to me one day…
Was it a warning - in some way?
The salaah…
The salaah…

This is something which

This is something which really touched my heart ...i myself had a similar experience

May the almighty Allah guide us along the right path - Aaameeen

In shaa Allah . . :)