Bitter sweet memories of some moments gone by
where we laughed facing death
at Dunya's call we'd cry.
If I could but re-live those moments
Oh memories bitter sweet!
Allow me to re-live those times, even if it be
...a moment.
A moment I pray, I shall never forget!
How it never fails to amaze me
the works of the All-Mighty!
The way He made all things perfect,
all living things co-existing in a community,
in harmony.
Like the Heavens and the Earth,
The birds and the bee.
That's how we were back then you see
The Ansar and the Muhajireen
Back then for a moment, though now just a memory
Oh! Bitter sweet memory!

Abiding we were by the perfect Shari'ah
One for all, all for one lived we
a dream life one I never thought I'd live to see.
Alas! It's true no good things ever seem to last and must come to an end
they tore us apart and left our lives and dreams shattered
though sad and broken for the moment we may be
they couldn't distinguish the light of our Imaan
and never could they take away our memory!
what bitter sweet memory!

Oh how I wish to see those faces again
The beautiful faces of my brothers coverd with dust
Yet their noor out shone the dirt and was plain for all to see!
Protecting, defending, on guard and ready to respond,
now just a memory, in peace may they be for eternity!

Hell on earth it seemed those few weeks back then
Bombs from above, bullets from within.
I have never seen such brotherly love as the love of those mujahedeen
If they were to lend us a bit of that love and unity
Who'd dare step to us and humiliate us like this
as though we were a miserable minority?

Subhanallah, subhanallah, subhannallah

from all walks of life they were but you should've seen them united as one
To laugh, to love, to smile with such content in the worst of situation
Though a follen, lifeless beauty, covered with blood and soul be gone
How can I forget such wonderous smile and a face that brightly shone?*

Faced with hunger and thirst dimise on every corner
.. we would smiled facing death, at dunya's call we'd frown.

They chose to drive us out of our new home
When they saw how successful we could be,
there was plenty room for more, a room for all humanity
They were welcome to live with us in love and unity
Abyding by the mother of Laws, bowing to none but ALLAH ALMIGHTY

But 'NAY!' They said, 'WE SHALL BE THINE ENEMY!'
And they called themselves 'the peace keepers'
How funny indeed the irony!

Now I sit here, reflecting on those days gone by,
faces of those dusty men haunting me,
dearly missing my fallen brothers and sisters
both among the ansar and muhajireen.
I know my time is yet to come and for a while longer here I must stay,
But till then, I shall re-play, and re-play..
A magnificent freedom I once was foutunate to be apart of
though now...just fragments of memory!
Bitter sweet memory!

Dedicated to A'isha muhajirah (rahmatullah alaiha) who died in our arms and her beautiful three kids, Muhammad, Rahma and baby Sumaya who was 7 monthts old at the time. May Allah t'alla bring about ease in your situation and protect your dad and all of you where ever you may be.
I was your bush mama, though it was for a few weeks but I love you like you've been mine for ever..insh Allah, until we meet!

*And never think of those who have been killed in the cause of Allah as dead. Rather, they are alive with their Lord, receving provision,

Rejoycing in what Allah has bestowed on upon them of His bounty,and they receive good tidings about those (to be martyred) after them who have not yet jointed them-that there will be no fear concerning them, nor will they grieve.

HOLY QUR'AN: Surah 3, 169-170.

By Umm Muhammad! (Sun) 14/02/10


Very nicely put~!

It means a lot coming from

It means a lot coming from you ukhtee! I am a big fan of your writes and Allah's a wittness.

May Allah preserve you in Emaan sister and all of us Ummatal-Islam! Ameen!



mashallah what a beautiful and touching dedication!I love your words and the sincerity that reflects them.'fragments of memory bitter sweet' how true...may Allah guide your heart and words always ameen.

Barakallahu-feeki for your

Barakallahu-feeki for your kind words my sister!

I don't know about being generous ukhtee. I just try to write from my own life experiences and from what I see around me.

I'm so glad that you enjoy my poems and am very grateful for your du'a which is all I can ask for.

May Allah reward you with good sister and I pray He (SWT) guides us to that which pleases Him! Ameen!


Masha Allah

I Really appreciate your poems.you are so generous. This is touching my heart alot.
May Allah guide you to produce more and more.