Too Hard?

Why is it so hard to pray,
Salaat for Allah five times each day?
After all the things He has done,
And all he asks is to Worship Him as One.
But we're all too caught up in our lives today,
The last thing on our minds is that we HAVE TO PRAY.
And then we wait 'till Judgement Day,
Then say to ourselves "Why didn't I pray?"
Shaytaan has come up with many tricks,
Like reminding us of how many things we need to fix.
Right before the Athan, or during Salaat,
When we rest our heads on our prayer mats.
Jokes start popping up in our head,
Like last night when I fell off the bed.
Then when we say"Asalaamu Alaikum.." Shaytaan disappears
Only to come back when the next Salaat nears.
So I pray to Allah, to save our Ummah, Ameen.
Before Judgement Day comes, and we wished we had seen.
Seen all the tricks that Shaytaan likes to play,
And Allah punishes us because we didn't obey.

By: Mwanaisha A