The Tragedy of Bosnia

They discharged a sober bullet
They killed her with a cold blood
She was a civilian
She was called Suada Dilberovi?,
Gone she was!
Horrible fears

They burnt the library of books I love
They horrified my mum there
The raped the woman I love
They killed my dad with a heart of stone
They drove Zlata out
Bloody years

They destroyed that bridge there
They built a wall of hatred
They killed even pets there
They launched their savage beats on helpless women...
They stole my manhood
Salty tears!

April 6, 1992..
Was a nightmare
That lasted three long years
If only it had been April Fool’s day!
It was an awful tragedy
But not Shakespeare’s

It was a hate play of three long acts
That the western audience enjoyed
In which the rope of respect was cut, and broken
Were peace and love’s contracts
And though the Serbian Cat retracts
Its claws, the Bosnian pigeon still fears its sneers!

Though the war is up
Though the years passed by
Though Dženita remarried again
Though Dženan can cross the frontiers
The ghost of war still murmurs in my ears
Time could not cure my gore, nor could it wipe my tears!

E. Zakaria 06/04/2014