True Love

It's as though your eyes have skies within,
As though a starry night has formed.
You look at me and all I can see is ......

It's as though your lips are blowing out
a perfume, a song and breeze.
You speak to me and all I can hear is ......

Its as though your hands hold all my pain,
Open but still crushing all my fears.
You hold my hand and all I feel is ......

It's as though your heart is a magnet,
pulling me closer, letting me know.
You hug me tight and all I feel is ......


There is no such thing as love at first sight, looks will fade along with energy, but the heart remains the same.Love can only ever come after tests and hardships, most of us are still yet to witness true love(that includes me), many of us wont witness it ever. Love does not mean living with someone and having kids, responsibilities and duties.
It doesn't mean jealousy, control or possessiveness. It doesn't mean cuddles or endless gifts and flowers.
No, Love means...admiration of one's soul and strength, pride and honor in who you are yourself, it means complete and doubtless trust and it only ever becomes real, when you marry and love for the sake of Allah(SWT).




Masha allah sister this is beautiful xx
I sure will do a reply to this insha allah by tonight
salaam xx

Great poem

Its the easy truth,hard to understand