True Love

If Islaam is the key to my heart,
Then it unlocked much,
And amongst it contents is the greatest gift,
the greatest treasure from amongst the obligations,
The love for my mother, my father, my family,
Top of this love is the Love for my Lord,
Then His messenger,
What is this blessing which I am talking about?
It is the love which i found,
Not there before
i read the things our messenger SAW said,
This love was caused by something great,
but whatever it is,
It was unlocked by Islam,
This love entered my heart never to leave again,
This love is pure, made true by my deen.
This love is there as true as death, it is the love for one,
My Love
My wife...

May Allah SWT grant us the best of spouses in this world and reunite us with them in Jannah Inshaallah... ameen