The wagging tongues!

They lie, back-bite, slander, and they swear, then when they face the punishment, they weep "O this isn't fair!"

Let them despair, it won't help them get anywhere, we used to warn them and they always said "O be gone! We do not care!"

They tell many lies, they think "O it's only a small one let it fly!" If only they knew the severity of lying, indeed, it would leave them everyday crying, one lie if it could be weighed, would be heavier than every single mountain combine together, O what a terrible thing, how ever?

Like back-biting and slandering, in case you were wondering, it is as if eating the flesh of your fellow brother while he is dead, O what a terrible thing, how dread?

Like swearing, if you are caring, then understand that if a swear word, were to be a drop that was thrown into an ocean, it would evaporate the whole ocean, O what a terrible thing, how daring?

These are not tales of fairies, they are words of the caring, words of much wisdom, told by the Prophet Muhammad- peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, he brought to us the guidance of Allah lord of all the kingdom!

This is a message to all those who ponder and reflect, know, that there is no time to reject, control that tongue! It can take you to the hell-fire, use it wisely, do not swear, slander, back-bite, nor be a lier.