We are merely living like there's no akhirah 
We do what we want without thinking that we are going to be judged and questioned
Don't we believe that we have a purpose in this life? 
To worship Allah the Most High! 

Don't we realize that we are being deceived by the lights of this world?
Even though Allah says it is merely an illusion and play 
Don't we realize that we don't live to go out on Friday nights 
And to work from 9 to 5 
There's definitely more to life 

So we try to fill this void of search by buying the new handbag the new shoes or the new phone
But how long will that satisfy us for before we feel this void again 
We try to play it cool in front of people but when alone we're truly bummed 

We think about this life & the next 
We know death is true but we don't want to believe it
What difference does it make if we don't believe it? 
In the end we're anyway going to be 6 feet deep 
And praying for a last chance to be in this world;
To worship Allah and do all the right things
But by then it will be too damn late
You'll be sorry you never tried to worship Allah
You'll be sorry that you walked away when you were called to the truth 
You'll be sorry that you can't have that last chance 
That now you're going to be punished for eternity wa na3udhu billah 

It's crazy how fast we forget about the Lord that created us, fed us and protected us
We say that we truly love Allah, but is it really true? 
Would we go out to defend Al-Islam or would we chicken out and compare the torture of the oppressors to that of Allah? Wa na3udhu billah!
Do we perform the simple fundamental prayers of Islam? 
Do we advise the people to be patient and advise the people about the truth? 
Do we even care that what we do is in contradiction to what we preach 
So the question is do we truly love Allah? 

Do we yearn to see our Lord in gardens of bliss. 
Do we yearn to please him & perform all types of good deeds?
What is it that we truly yearn for?? 
Ask O sibling in Humanity..
Ask yourself what am I doing in life?