Corruption swallows us all, lights, freedom, is it too much freedom? Have we gotten lost in a black hole we created for ourselves and our children? Has not the fear of God entered our souls by now? Has not the shame fallen heavy on our hearts with the knowledge we hold in our palms? Has not the baby with its arm barely visible from mother earths dust injured our thoughts, what have we become? Are we even human any more, or have we evolved into a creation we hardly recognize or understand ourselves?
Skies cry a thousand times before we weep a tear, and the ground cracks before our pride, and the wind sweeps filth away, because we won’t. And who will stand forth, declare the faults of mankind and force upon the cruelty, a peace.
A peace can never descend without a courage of a nation, and peace will never rule if man rules, foundations must be restored, injustice smothered by guilt....hellish eyes will stare, but never shall they consume the brave, and never will I, a daughter, sister, niece, aunty, mother that I am...never will I feel weakened by man, for I am an equal, I am a slave, I am a leader, I struggle, bleed, cry, laugh, miss, feel, regret and plan....like every single one of you, and we could never be pulled down into an abyss made by the liars and hypocrites, if we bring with us on every journey we crawl through, FAITH....in ourselves, in our loved ones, our children, our choices, our future, and GOD.....what are we without Him? Nothing
We are clay, dust, a concoction of limbs and organs, apart from that; we offer nothing without faith..... T.V screens, and government schemes, and the all above and in betweens, the teachers who fear their students and students who take their lives, the streets that sound like fireworks, and passerby's with knives, and pop groups, r’n’b, rock and roll, and Mtv, and all you have to give to me, is all you know that you can see, but I don’t want that, u cant see faith, u feel it but with you, is it getting late,
with easy access mobile phones, and science failing cheating clones, and gray is what was once called green, it makes me want to hold your face and scream, see it there, Barbie dolls with long blond hair, magazines and movie clips, see it in the spud less chips, see it in the dirty white house, secrets for walls ears, take a look at all of it, it didn't take that many years. Ugly faces of democracy, and grins of an untrue nature, a failure to your world and mine, a crippled promise made to break.
And golden lights point the way, on moonlit rainy streets, directing all the ignorant to take their place among the beasts, dancing like puppets, amused by the sound, the beat of the music, then they fall to the ground, sleep in their vomit, raped by their friends, who lured them into a life of scum filled, homosexual, deranged minded, deluded, excused, hell hole in the backside of humanity, but they go again, a 'night club' sound better than the way I put it.
And the cheaters, looking innocent, and their plans that most likely get sussed, and the elderly and disabled, unable to defend when they get cussed, and the bullies who get bullied, and the players who get played, and the one who stuck it out, then wish they never stayed, and wasted dreams, all above and in-betweens and every smile that's lacking soul, faith is all this world needs, FAITH should be our goal!


ONCE AGAIN, MASHA'ALLAH! Amazing work! Keep it coming please! Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah!